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Gender: F Pronunciation: jee-ah-SEEN-tah Meaning of Giacinta: "hyacinth" Origin of Giacinta: Italian, from Greek

Giacinta is as pretty in its way as Jacinta, the Spanish name for the same purple flower, and is also a saint's name. Gia is the nickname it shares with all Gia-starting names.

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Famous People Named Giacinta

Saint Giacinta (Hyacintha) di Mariscotti, Italian nun of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis
Giacinta Toso, Italian soprano

Pop Culture References for the name Giacinta

Giacinta, Rochester's unprincipled and violent second mistress in "Jane Eyre"
Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson, Bond Girl in film "Die Another Day"
Giacinta ed Ernesto, opera by Julius Benedict
Giacinta, novel by Luigi Capuana
The Italian pronunciation is "jah-CHEEN-tah"

Yacinta, Jiacintha, Jacynth, Giacintha, Jacintha, Jacinta, Yacintha