Latin variation of Arabella
"beautiful altar"

Orabella Origin and Meaning

The name Orabella is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "beautiful altar".

Lacks the vintage charm of the original Arabella, but with the love for all names Bella, it might appeal to some.

Orabella in Pop Culture

  • Form of ARABELLA used in medieval documents. (Arabella was 'recorded twice in the 12th century in Scotland as Orabilis [Latinmeaning "yielding to prayer, invokable"]. In later medieval records became Orable, Orabella, Arable, etc. Surnames such as Orbell, Arbell and Arable testify to its use at this time.')
  • Orabilecountess of Giaggiolo, was the wife of Paolo Malatesta (lover of Francesca da Rimini in Dante's Inferno)
  • Teasing nickname: Horribella