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Gender: F Pronunciation: gal-ah-TEH-ah Meaning of Galatea: "she who is milk-white" Origin of Galatea: Greek

This name's meaning derives from the material from which the mythical sculptor Pygmalion chiselled his ideal woman - she was carved from ivory. Pygmalion fell in love with his creation and Aphrodite, taking pity on him, brought the sculpture to life. The woman was named Galatea due to her incredibly pale skin. The Pygmalion myth was the inspiration behind the story of "My Fair Lady" starring Julie Andrews on stage and Audrey Hepburn on screen.

Famous People Named Galatea

Galateya, Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastic

Pop Culture References for the name Galatea

"La Galatea" (1585), Miguel de Cervantes' first novel
Galatea, central character in John Lyly's 1592 play "Gallathea"
Galatea, Arethusa's lady in "Philaster" (1611) by Beaumont and Fletcher
"Galatea's Guitar" (1968), song by Gabor Szabo
God-Eye Galatea, a character in Norihiro Yagi's "Claymore"
Galatea Merrythought, a minor character in the Harry Potter series
Galatea "Gala" Brand, character in the 1955 James Bond novel "Moonraker"
Galatea Dunkel, character in "On the Road"

Galathea, Galatee