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Gender: F Meaning of Gail: "my father rejoices" Origin of Gail: Hebrew, short form of Abigail

Gail was a mid-twentieth century favorite, which has been far surpassed by its original form, Abigail.

Famous People Named Gail

Gail Simmons, culinary expert and "Top Chef" judge
Gail Devers, Olympic gold medalist in track and field
Gail Carson Levine, author of "Ella Enchanted"
Gail Kim, professional wrestler
Gail Russell, American actress
Gail Kobe, American actress and television producer
Savannah Gail Worley, daughter of Darryl Worley & Kimberly Perkins

Pop Culture References for the name Gail

Gail Peck, "Rookie Blue"
Gail, character in "Sin City" played by Rosario Dawson
Gail Emory, character from TV series "American Gothic"

Gayla, Gaylene, Gaila, Gayle, Gaile, Gayelle, Gal, Gayleen, Gael, Gayel, Gaylla, Gaill, Gaela, Gayline, Gale, Gahl, Gayll

Gail's International Variations

Gaelle (French)