Swedish and Danish
"lady, noblewoman"

Freja Origin and Meaning

The name Freja is a girl's name of Swedish origin meaning "lady, noblewoman".
One of the most popular names in Scandinavia, Freja--or Freyja--was a major deity of Norse paganism. Beautiful, blonde and blue-eyed, she was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. In the US, the name is most likely spelled Freya.

Freja Popularity

20 Names Similar to Freja

Lists containing Freja

Famous People Named Freja

  • Freja Beha ErichsenDanish supermodel
  • Freja ModinSwedish pop singer ("The X,Factor")
  • Freja Kjellberg BorchiesSwedish model "Scandinavia's Next Top Model")
  • Freja HellenbergSwedish footballer
  • Freja CohrtDanish handballer
  • Freja OlofssonSwedish footballer
  • Freja Amelie Richards (b. 2015)daughter of actor Ben Richards

Freja in Pop Culture

  • Freja Ollegardcharacter in "South Park"

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