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Gender: M Meaning of Fran: "Frenchman or free man" Origin of Fran: Diminutive of Francis

There have been manly men called Fran, like football great Fran Tarkenton and Hannah's boyfriend in one season of Girls, but that doesn't mean it works for babies anymore of either gender. Pope Francis may have inspired many little namesakes, but they're called Francis or Frances or Francesca....or maybe Frank or Frankie or Franny. Not Fran.

Famous People Named Fran

Fran Kranz, American actor
Fran Tarkenton, American football player
Fran Gonzalez, Spanish footballer
Fran Cosgrave, Irish nightclub owner and reality TV personality
Fran Fraschilla, American ESPN analyst
Fran Healy, Scottish rock musician
Fran Perea, Spanish singer and actor

Pop Culture References for the name Fran

Fran, character in manga/anime "Katekyo Hitman Reborn"