Italian, feminine variation of Frederick
"peaceful ruler"

Federica Origin and Meaning

The name Federica is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "peaceful ruler".
Federica is the Latin version of Frederica, one of those formerly stuffy female names -- think Josephine and Eleanor -- that feels fresh and elegant again. And Federica has more energy without that first r.

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Famous People Named Federica

  • Federica ValentiItalian voice actress
  • Federica FaiellaItalian ice dancer
  • Federica TestaItalian ice dancer
  • Federica MogheriniItalian politician
  • Federica BrignoneItalian skier
  • Federica De BortoliItalian voice actress
  • Federica PellegriniItalian swimmer
  • Federica GuidiItalian politician and businesswoman
  • Federica MontsenySpanish anarchist, politician and novelist

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