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Gender: F Origin of Ena: Diminutive of several names

Baby names that started off as diminutives -- Ena, Ita, Etta -- seem too insubstantial for a modern female.

Famous People Named Ena

Ena von Baer, Chilean journalist, political scientist, and senator
Ena Baga, British pianist and organist
Ena Begovic, Croatian actress
Ena Cremona, EU General Court judge
Ena Sandra Causevic, Serbian-Danish model
Ena Gregory, Australian actress
Ena Guevara Mora, long-distance runner from Peru
Ena Kadic, Miss Austria 2013
Ena Murray, Afrikaans writer
Phillipena "Ena" Noel, Australian advocate for children's lit
Ena Saha, Bengali actress
Ena Lamont Stewart, Scottish playwright
Ena Swansea, NewYork-based artist
Ena Twigg, British psychic medium
Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena of Battenberg, Queen consort of Alfonso XIII of Spain

Pop Culture References for the name Ena

Ena Exypno Expyno Moutro, 1965 Greek comedy
Ena Sharples, character in "Coronation Street"
Ena Ayase, character in manga "Yotsuba&!"
Ena, Gifu, a Japanese city
Ena Hadi, 2001 album by Peggy Zina

Enna, Eena, Ina