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Gender: Female Emberly's Popularity in 2017: #629

The name Emberly is a girl's name . Emberly is ranked #629 on our popularity charts and discussed in our forums with posts like "Heaven Hell Purgatory - Unusual/Outlandish Girls".

Variation of Ember

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Famous People Named Emberly

Ed Emberley, American children's book illustrator and instructor

Pop Culture References for the name Emberly

Emberly, a character in Team Starkid's musical, Firebringer.
Emberly, a lead character in the Shannara Chronicles. an American TV Show.
Also the Sur name of Grace Emberly in the Frontier series staring Jason Moa on the Discovery Channel


afluffmuffin Says:


i like it for a character... same with everly... but i'm not sure i would use it on a human. it'll probably grow on me :)

Rachel_raised by mermaids Says:


I think Ember is nice, but I'd probably only use it for a middle name, whilst I'd quite happily use Emberly for either a middle or first name. Paired with the fact that it technically means 'fire meadow' (as suggested by thenameprincess), I would love to use this name in the future. It is true to say that a meaning can be just as significant as the name itself. Also, I think this makes a fresher, more classic sounding change to Kimberly.

Jasmine Says:


When I hear "ember" the first thing I think is "the dying embers of a fire."

MelanieCora Says:


Love this name!

paulapuddephatt Says:


This is attractive.

Amber Renee Says:


If you went with Emberly Reign or Emberly Raina the full name would then mean "fire meadow Queen"

MiKayla Heiden Says:


That just totally solidified my pick. If I have a girl, this will definitely be her name. I'm thinking either "Emberly Jayde" or "Emberly Raign"

thenameprincess Says:


The -ly suffix usually means meadow so I wonder if this could be interpreted as "fire meadow"