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Gender: F Meaning of Ekaterina: "pure" Origin of Ekaterina: Slavic variation of Catherine

This exotic variation was publicized by Olympic skater Ekaterina Gordeeva. Though it's intriguing, it's sure to cause confusion in any English speaking country and in the U.S., all Katrina-sounding names are off the table since the devastating hurricane. Better to go with one of the Katherine variations or another Slavic or Russian name.

Famous People Named Ekaterina

Ekaterina "Katia" Alexandrovna Gordeeva, Russian Olympic figure skater
Ekaterina "Kato" Svanidze, Georgian first wife of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin
Ekaterina Valeryevna Makarova, Russian tennis player
Ekaterina Lopes, Russian tennis player
Ekaterina Andreevna Bychkova, Russian tennis player
Ekaterina Dmitrievna "Katya" Ryabova, Russian singer
Ekaterina Sedia, Russian novelist
Ekaterina Alexandrovna Bobrova, Russian ice dancer
Ekaterina Vasilyevna "Rina" Zelyonaya, Uzbekistani Soviet actress

Pop Culture References for the name Ekaterina

Ekaterina "Kitty" Shcherbatskaya, character in Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina
Ekaterina, One of the branches of the Cahill family in The 39 Clues Series, descended from Katherine Cahill
Ekaterina, former queen of Moroi vampires in "Vampire Academy" series
Ekatarina Velika, Yugoslavian rock band
Ekaterina, character in Egg and Spoon book

Ekaterine, Yekaterina, Ekaterini