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Gender: M Meaning of Dunstan: "dark stone" Origin of Dunstan: English

A two-syllable surname feel puts this name of an important English saint in the running -- though it could sound like a confused cross between Duncan and Dustin.

Famous People Named Dunstan

Dunstan "Dunno" Foss, Australian lifeguard star of 'Bondi Rescue'
Dunstan Webb, Australian actor
(Datuk Amar) Dunstan Endawie Enchana, Malaysian politician

Pop Culture References for the name Dunstan

Dunstan Thorn, the father of the main character from Neil Gaiman's book Stardust.
Dunstan (born Dunstable) Ramsay, main character in Robertson Davies's Fifth Business and minor character in the rest of the Deptford Trilogy

Dunsten, Dunston, Dunstin