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Gender: F Pronunciation: dy-OH-nee Meaning of Dione: "divine queen" Origin of Dione: Greek

In Greek mythology the mother of Aphrodite by Zeus, and also one of Saturn's moons; this is an astral name quite distinct from the better known Dionne.

Famous People Named Dione

Dione Taylor, Canadian jazz singer
Dione Lucas, English chef and first woman graduate of Le Cordon Bleu
Dione LaRue, birth name of American R&B singer Dee Dee Sharp
Rose Dione, French-American silent film actress
Aura Dione, Danish singer

Pop Culture References for the name Dione

Dione, moon of Saturn
Dione, a Titaness who gave birth to Aphrodite. Means "the goddess"
Dione, nymph daughter of Atlas who married Tantalus
Dione, one of the Hyades
Dione, a Nereid
In Phoenician mythology: Dione aka Baaltis, daughter of Ouranos