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Gender: M Meaning of Devlin: "unlucky" Origin of Devlin: Irish

Devlin is an Irish name that's fresher and even more devilish than Devin.

The earliest written record of this surname occurs in the thirteenth century, when an O'Devlin was appointed Bishop of Kells in 1211.

In the contemporary world, Devlin Agamand is a character in the video game "War of Witchcraft" and there is a British rapper who goes by the single name Devlin. Bernadette Devlin was the youngest woman ever elected to the British Parliament.

Famous People Named Devlin

(James) Devlin, English rapper
Devlin Barnes, American soccer player
Bernadette Devlin, Irish civil rights leader

Pop Culture References for the name Devlin

Devlin Moran, female character in movie "Who Shot Patakango?"
Devlin, female character in movie "Just Go With It"
Devlin O'Ryan aka Reflex, character in DC Comics
Devlin Waugh, character in 2000 AD and Judge Dredd comics
Ernie, Tod and Sandy Devlin, daredevil siblings in animated series "Devlin"

Devlen, Devlyn, Delvin, Devlon, Devland