Gender: Female Origin of Destinee: Spelling variation of Destiny

Destinee Origin and Meaning

The name Destinee is a girl's name .

Again, the trendy -ee ending.

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Zelliew Says:


Not everyone studies French at school & our names on Nameberry are often created

Zelliew Says:


Not a fan

Taylor_23 Says:


I feel the same way, I have never even seen a destiny spell it that way, but I have seen it the "Destiny" way a lot since there is a Destiny in my 5th preriod

AoifeORegan Says:


Does it worry anyone else how easy it is to create controversy on a NAMING website?! Can we all just get over all of this, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I didn't realize the name was French, I just thought someone was trying too hard. I don't have anything against is now, okay?

AoifeORegan Says:


Haha whoops... But yeah, probably.

ajcartier Says:


Perhaps the "apostrophe" you mentioned (which is really called an accent) could have tipped you off...

LowSlash Says:


Also, standardized spelling is a relatively new concept, so getting bent out of shape when names aren't spelled "correctly" seems like a waste of energy.

jtay07 Says:


Thank you. This is my friend's name and she is from France. People on here can be very cruel about names from other languages and cultures. Look, I'm not a fan of names that are simply just misspelled either; however, some names that appear misspelled in English are in fact names from other languages that are entirely legitimate.

Guest Says:


Destinée would be French but to be quite frank Americans botch names all the time--Khloé makes me want to convulse. What's so special about destiny just because it's in French? It's literally the same word with just an accent that no one will bother using here. If you're gonna name your kid something French use something authentic. The French word for journey is voyage. But who would name their child "trip" anyway? French and American culture are way different, I'm positive a French person would use Hortense and Océane before they use Destinée. I heard it indicates "low class" when a French person gets an American-sounding name. Now if people are using authenticity when naming then I don't have a problem with it but when it comes to Destyneighee and other crap I have to speak against it. I have a French name myself, spelled the German way.

AoifeORegan Says:


Oh believe me, I understand that, but how exactly could I have known that it was French?

raevynstar Says:


Um...really? THAT was rude.

otheralix Says:


Well, destinée is FRENCH. Someone with the name Aoife should really have a basic understanding that not everything is in freaking english.

AoifeORegan Says:


Exactly! And I know someone who made it worse: Destinée (the apostrophe might be over the second e, I'm not sure).

Eva Thyssen Says:



Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I Don't mind Destiny at all, but I despise Destinee for two main reasons. Onit looks so childish with two ees at the end, two that's not how it's spelled, so it's meaningless unless you spell it right. Same goes for Journee. Do you want to have a misspelled name , that is supposed to be a word but isn't?