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Gender: Female Origin of Dayanara: Modern invented name

The name Dayanara is a girl's name . Dayanara and is often added to lists like TV Character Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Three Strikes, You're Out -- Girls".

From the experts:

Former Miss Universe and former Mrs. Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres has made a more lasting success of her name.

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Famous People Named Dayanara

Dayanara Torres, Puerto Rican beauty queen; Miss Universe 1993
Daynara Lopes Ferreira de Paula, Brazilian swimmer

Pop Culture References for the name Dayanara

Dayanara "Daya" Diaz, character from Netflix TV series "Orange is the New Black"



Starelli Says:


Native English speakers do the same thing. We steal names from other cultures and butcher them all the time.

autumnreverie Says:


So? It seems to be the trend now, so it's not as if it would stand out.

Eva Thyssen Says:


Only a native or extremely fluent Spanish speaker can understand the connection. Some uneducated (no offense) Spanish speaking people take names in English and write them as pronounced (Yenifer instead of Jennifer, Nicol instead of Nicole, Maryori instead of Marjorie, Yonatan instead of Jonathan, Cristofer instead of Christopher). Sometimes they add more letters to the name. Diana->Dayana->Dayanara.
I'm a native Spanish speaker and I can easily note the connection between Diana, Dayana and Dayanara. BTW, Diana is pronounced dee-A-na in Spanish, the As like the A in Car.

Raven Says:


Dayanara Diaz, oitnb

Shaebaby Says:


It's Di-YA-naR-uh completely different than Diana.

Eva Thyssen Says:


It's a misspelling of Diana (Dayana) with a strange ending. It can lead to pronunciation problems too. Diana is a beautiful name. It doesn't need strange spellings or endings ;)

Jesslyn Says:


Why? It seems a perfectly suitable name to me.

Eva Thyssen Says:


Just NO. No, no, no.