Gender: Female Pronunciation: CO-ruh-line; Core-uh-line Origin of Coraline: Diminutive of Coral Coraline's Popularity in 2019: #626

Coraline Origin and Meaning

The name Coraline is a girl's name .

Coraline may not be original to Neil Gaiman's wonderful book of the same name, but it might as well be. Gaiman's young heroine Coraline Jones is constantly called Caroline but as a name Coraline is more distinctive and has a more mysterious feel. The 2002 novel Coraline was made into a 2009 animated film voiced by Dakota Fanning and nominated for an Academy Award.

The number of baby girls named Caroline increased by a factor of 100 between 2007 and 2017 -- going from 5 to over 500 in a decade.

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Rank in US: #626

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fearlessfirefly Says:


It's Cora-line

nila Says:


years later...still love it

Princess Hockey Says:


Can this be pronouned CORE a lean? Or is it always CORE a line?

NannerLulu888 Says:


Coraline is also a 18th century corset company. The name is very old and it's my youngest daughters name. Her nickname is Coco.

ceruleanstardust Says:


Oh I love Coco as a nickname!

MonikerWanderer Says:


I prefer this to Caroline. It just sounds stronger.

CoraSlayz Says:


Finally I found my name on a website like this! Thank you! I've looked for it everywhere but I couldn't find it. My friends call me Cora for short all the time and someone almost never calls me by my full name unless we're talking formally. I have 'Everglade' as a middle name. Thank my parents for my weird, olden style name! :)

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lovely name

Perilheart Says:


That movie was creepy but so cool! I liked the book too

NannerLulu888 Says:


My youngest is Coraline but we call her Coco for short. It's super cute and suites her very well.

Emily Kleinheksel Says:


I just gave birth to a little girl last week and her name is Coraline. I loved the movie and book so that had a part in naming her but I just love the fact that it isn't a very common name.

headintheclouds Says:


Love Coraline. I never watched or read Coraline so my view on the name isn't affected by them- I'm going on pure aesthetics and sound alone in my opinion. I love that it has the elegance and refinement of Caroline, with the spunky yet sweet, accessible nickname Cora.

It's a "made-up" sounding (Neil Gaiman certainly thought he made it up) but-not-quite name that's very charming and stylish; this is a "made-up" name I can get behind (unlike others like Jezzamynn or Ayverrie or whatever).

sirens_sam Says:


I loved that movie! The creepiness made me love the name so much more.

indiefendi2 Says:


That's how it was created

ThistleThorn Says:


This kinda just looks like Caroline spelled wrong.

anna.bliss Says:


Yes! The movie drew me to this name

jcoraline Says:


The book didn't create the name, it's been around long before that. Case in point, it's my middle name and I'm born well before the book came out.

jcoraline Says:


Nope, it's my middle name and I was born well before the book.

geeknamezyo Says:


Actually, it wasn't. Neil Gaiman thought he'd invented it when he mistyped Caroline, but it's actually been around for centuries--it was a type of corset boning and a minor character in the memoirs of Casanova. I think in the old days it was pronounced cora-leen, though.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


When I said the movie ruined it for me I meant it ruined any chance of me liking/using the name. I think that's what a lot of people mean when they say literary or invented names were ruined for them.

lila Says:


so saying that the book ruined the name for you is like saying that france ruined champagne. Since the book created the name you can't say the book ruined the name.

emekct Says:


So? Many beautiful names were invented for story telling. Shakespeare is a great example. :)

Plutophelia Says:


The name Coraline was invented for the story sooo........

ShunPun Says:


Same! That was a great movie.

Guest Says:


The creepy movie made me like it! :P

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


For me the movie Coraline ruined it for me, it was just too creepy.