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Gender: M Origin of Clovis: Teutonic, French, early form of Ludwig or Louis

An aromatic, unconventional name.

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Famous People Named Clovis

Clovis I, first Catholic King of the Franks
Clovis II, King of Neustria and Burgundy
Clovis III, King of Austrasia
Clovis IV, King of the Franks

Pop Culture References for the name Clovis

Clovis Sangrail, character in short stories by Saki, named because he was "so appallingly frank"
Clovis, character in the 1997 Blade Runner video game
Clovis la Britannia, character in the anime series Code Geass
Clovis the Crawfish, main character in the book series by Mary Alice Fontenot
"Clovis Dardentor," novel by Jules Verne
Clovis, New Mexico
Clovis, California

Clove, Klovis, Klove, Clovus