"glory of the father"

Cleopatra Origin and Meaning

The name Cleopatra is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "glory of the father".
A royal name in ancient Egypt that's never quite made it to the modern world, though nickname Cleo is widely used. Other now-extinct Cleopatra diminutives, including Cleora and Cleola, achieved some popularity in the early 20th century when there was a crazy for all things Egypt-related as the ancient tombs were opened and artifacts displayed. In the US, Cleopatra became a popular silent film in 1917 starring Theda Bara.

Cleopatra Popularity

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Famous People Named Cleopatra

  • Cleopatra VII Philopatorlast Queen of Ptolemaic Egypt
  • Cleopatra IVI, Queens of Ptolemaic Egpt
  • Cleopatra SeleneQueen of Syria, daughter of Cleopatra III of Egypt
  • Cleopatra "Cleo" von AdelsheimHereditary Princess of Oettingen,Oettingen and Oettingen,Spielberg, German,Chilean actress
  • Cleopatra ColemanAustralian actress
  • Cleopatra "Cleo" DemetriouCyprus,born actress
  • Cleopatra Madonna "Cleo" HigginsAmerican singer of group Cleopatra
  • Cleopatra StratanMoldovan singer
  • Cleopatra TawoNigerian radio personality
  • Cleopatra KoheirweUgandan actress
  • Cleopatra MathisAmerican poet
  • Cleopatra PantaziGreek pop singer
  • Roberta Cleopatra FlackAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Elin Kleopatra DanielsonGambogi, Finnish painter
  • Cleopatra the Alchemistancient Egyptian/Greek alchemist, philosopher, and author
  • CléopâtreDiane de Mérode, French dancer of the Belle Époque

Cleopatra in Pop Culture

  • Lady CleopatraArthur Rowdy's wife (nee Stonehenge) in "Sketches and Travels" (1850) by W. M. Thackeray
  • Cleopatra "Cleo" Jonesmain character in 1973 film "Cleopatra Jones"
  • Cleopatra "Cleo" McQueencharacter on British soap "Hollyoaks"
  • Cleopatra "Dirtbike" Funniebaby sister on TV's "Doug"
  • Cleopatracharacter in "Toad Patrol"
  • Foxxy Cleopatramain character in film "Austin Powers in Goldmember"
  • Cassandra Cleopatra Watkinscharacter in "Mr Facey Romford's Hounds" (1865) by R. S. Surtees.
  • Cleopatrasong and album by The Lumineers.
  • Cleopatrasong by Diamond White.

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