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Gender: M Pronunciation: see-pree-AH-no Meaning of Cipriano: "from Cyprus" Origin of Cipriano: Latin

A saint and surname often heard in Italy.

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Famous People Named Cipriano

Cipriano de Rore, Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer
Cipriano Castro, former president of Venezuela
Cipriano Purugganan Primicias, Sr., Filipino senator
Cipriano de Palafox y Portocarrero, father-in-law of Napoleon III

Pop Culture References for the name Cipriano

Cipriano Viedma, character in "The Plumed Serpent" by D.H. Lawrence

It is pronounced chee-pree-AHN-no

Siprien, Siprian, Ciprien, Cyprian, Sipran, Cyprien

Cipriano's International Variations

Cebrià (Catalan) Cebrián (Spanish)