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Gender: M Pronunciation: KEE-en Meaning of Cian: "ancient" Origin of Cian: Irish

A handsome Irish boys' name, very popular in that country, but in the US this traditional spelling might cause pronunciation problems. Still, whether Cian or Kian, it's simple and straightforward enough for the initiated. Cian is rising in the British popularity charts. This was the name of several legendary figures, including Cian, son of the god of medicine. His own son was Lugh, the sun god and father of the Ulster warrior Cuchulain and Cian is also the name of the son-in-law of the high king Brian Boru. So very well connected.

Famous People Named Cian

Cian Morrin, member of Irish boyband HomeTown

Pop Culture References for the name Cian

Kian, Keane, Kean, Keen, Keandre, Keene, Keondre, Keenan