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Gender: M Meaning of Chico: "boy" Origin of Chico: Spanish

Friendly but flimsy.

Famous People Named Chico

Leonard "Chico" Marx, American comedian of The Marx Brothers
Yousseph "Chico" Slimani, British pop singer
Francisco "Chico" Lachowski, Brazilian male model
Jalloul "Chico" Bouchikhi, French musician of the Gipsy Kings
Francisco "Chico" Buarque, Brazilian singer-songwriter
Chico Anysio (born Francisco Anysio de Oliveira Paula Filho), Brazilian actor
Chico Brenes, Nicaraguan pro skateboarder
Francisco de Paula "Chico" Cândido Xavier, Brazilian spiritist leader
Jonathan Arthur "Chico" DeBarge, American R&B singer of group DeBarge
Cleotha 'Chico' Walker, American baseball player
Francisco "Chico" Serra, Brazilian racing driver
Ruthford Eduardo "Chico" Salmon, Panamanian baseball player
Glenn Allan "Chico" Resch, Canadian-American ice hockey player
Francisco Alves "Chico" Mendes, Brazilian union leader and environmentalist
Francisco Bueno "Chico" Netto, Brazilian footballer
Francisco "Chico" César, Brazilian singer-songwriter
Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton, Americian jazz drummer
Francisco "Chico" Díaz, Mexican-Brazilian actor
Francisco Delfim "Chico" Dias Faria, Portuguese footballer
José Manuel "Chico" Flores, Spanish footballer
Earl Lavon "Chico" Freeman, American jazz saxophonist
Ronald Patrick "Chico" Maki, Canadian ice hockey player

Pop Culture References for the name Chico

Chico Rodriguez, a main character on TV's "Chico and the Man"
Chico Escuela, baseball player with poor English played by Garrett Morris on "Saturday Night Live"
Chico, a main character in "Chico and Rita," 2010 animated film
Chico's, women's clothing retailer
Chico, Portuguese nickname for Francisco
Chico, California, USA