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Gender: M Meaning of Chauncey: "chancellor" Origin of Chauncey: Latin

A name halfway between its old milquetoast image and a more jovial Irish-sounding contemporary one.

Famous People Named Chauncey

Chauncey Ray Billups, American basketball player
Chauncey Mitchell Depew, U.S. Senator from New York
Chauncey Antoine Davis, American NFL football player
Chauncey O'Toole, Canadian rugby player
Chauncey Lamont Hawkins aka Loon, American rapper
Chauncey Yellow Robe aka Kills in the Woods/Canowicakte, Native American Lakota educator and activist
Chauncey Leopardi, American television and TV actor
Chauncey Herbert Cooke, American soldier and educator
Chauncey Washington, American NFL player
John Chancellor "Chauncey" Olcott, American actor and singer
Chauncey Milton "Chance" Vought, American aviator and engineer

Pop Culture References for the name Chauncey

Chauncey Gardiner aka Chance, main character in Jerzy Kosinski's "Being There"
Chauncey, dog on TV's "Mad Men"
Chauncey Langeais, character in "Hush Hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick

Chaunce, Chaune, Choncey, Chance, Chawncey, Chancey, Chaunsey, Chaunsy