"dear little one"

Carina Origin and Meaning

The name Carina is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "dear little one".
Carina is a pretty feminissima name whose fall from popularity may be speeded by similarity to (hurricane name) Katrina.

Carina Popularity

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Famous People Named Carina

  • Carina Lau (Karling), Hong Kong actress
  • Carina WitthöftGerman tennis player
  • Carina Marguerite BenningaDutch Olympic field hockey player
  • Carina PerssonSwedish model
  • Carina Rose Mariano (b. 2010)daughter of reality TV personalities Rob and Amber Mariano

Carina in Pop Culture

  • Carina DeLucacharacter from the tv show, "Greys Anatomy"
  • "Carina" popular song written by Alberto Testa and Corrado Lojacono
  • "Carina" song by Swedish band Larz,Kristerz
  • "Carina" song by English singer James Hunter
  • Carina Pressromance publisher
  • Carinacharacter in the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy"
  • Carina Smythcharacter in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" (the character was named for the constellation Carina)
  • Carinaconstellation in the southern sky; the name is Latin for "keel", referring to the keel of Jason's ship the Argo.
  • As a Scandinavian nameCarina is ultimately a form of Katherine (being a variation of Karin, Swedish short form of Katarina)

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