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Caoimhe Origin and Meaning

The name Caoimhe is a girl's name of Gaelic, Scottish, Irish origin meaning "beautiful".
Caoimhe, pronounced (more properly) kwee-va or kee-va, is a pretty and distinctive Gaelic name but one that could well lead to no end of confusion outside the Irish community. Even in its native habitat, it is sometimes spelled Keeva.

Caoimhe comes from a word with several positive meanings--beautiful, precious, beloved, gentle, and graceful. It's also the name of an Irish saint.

Caoihme has been very popular in Ireland, consistently in the Top 20.

Caoimhe Popularity

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Famous People Named Caoimhe

  • Caoimhe ButterlyIrish peace activist
  • Caoimhe GuilfoyleIrish TV personality ("Big Brother 11")
  • Caoimhe ArchibaldIrish MLA
  • Caoimhe Devlinu14 CLRG World Champion x4
  • Caoimhe MorrisAustralian TikTok star

Caoimhe in Pop Culture

  • Caoimhe Dilloncharacter on Irish soap "Fair City".
  • In IrelandCaoimhe is normally pronounced "kwee,va", although "kee,va" is not totally unheard of. It comes from the surname Caoimh, which is the Irish language form of O'Keeffe.