Irish place-name from Caledonia
"hard or rocky land"

Caledon Origin and Meaning

The name Caledon is a boy's name of Irish, Latin origin meaning "hard or rocky land".
Caledon, the name of the arrogant Billy Zane character in "Titanic," is an Irish place-name related to Caledonia, the Latin word for Scotland thought to be derived from the ancient Celtic word for "hard." Cal is a wonderful nickname, and Caledon an inventive way to get there.

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Famous People Named Caledon

  • Caledon George Du PréEnglish MP
  • George Caledon AlexanderEnglish cricketer
  • Earl of CaledonIrish peerage title

Caledon in Pop Culture

  • Caledon "Cal" Hockleycharacter in the movie "Titanic"
  • CaledonOntario, Canada

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