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Gender: Female Origin of Caitlyn: Spelling variation of Caitlin

The name Caitlyn is a girl's name of Irish origin. Caitlyn and is often added to lists like Girl Names Ending in Lyn and discussed in our forums with posts like "generation caf with interests + careers".

From the experts:

Cait, we love. Lyn, we don't. While the star of all variations of the 80s and 90s favorite Caitlin/Katelyn is losing its luster, the transgender athlete and former Kardashian spouse Bruce Jenner is propelling Caitlyn back into the spotlight as her new female name.

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Famous People Named Caitlyn

Caitlyn Marie Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner), American reality TV personality and retired track and field athlete
Caitlyn Taylor Love, American actress and singer
Caitlyn Shadbolt, Australian pop singer
Caitlyn Smith, American country music singer
Caitlyn Chase, American fashion influencer
Caitlyn Kreutz, American-Filipina footballer
Caitlyn Edwards, Australian AFL player
Caitlyn Folley, American actress
Caitlyn Youngblood, American model
Caitlyn Martin, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2017
Caitlyn Melissa Murray, daughter of actor Sean Murray
Molly Caitlyn Quinn, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Caitlyn

Caitlyn Gellar, character in TV movie "Camp Rock"
Caitlyn Goodwyn, character in manga/anime "Ojamajo Doremi"
Caitlyn Crisp, character in TV movie "Liar, Liar Vampire"
Caitlyn, character in movie "The Way Way Back"
Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, character in video game League of Legends
Caitlyn, character in 1999 film "200 Cigarettes"
Caitlyn, character in 2004 film "A Cinderella Story"


xhart Says:


Have you tried Catie or Katie? Or Kate. Those seem to be the most obvious to me. And if you're worried about going from a C name to a K nickname, that's what the Duchess of Cambridge has.

autumnreverie Says:


I've always dislike the spelling "variations" of Caitlin. Misspelling a common name does not make it unique or new.

Caitlyn Says:


Me neither! :( I can't find a nickname for myself that sounds or looks good..

emilygc3 Says:


Thanks for changing the pronoun, Nameberry!

indiefendi2 Says:


I was talking respectively about the name Brooklyn (which in Wales ranks for boys and where yn denotes a male name) and I addressed that Caitlyn is obviously feminine because it's a spelling variation of Catherine but in my opinion most other lyn names can be either/or, it depends. I had a male teacher named Lynn. There are men named Jocelyn, Evelyn, Franklyn, etc.

blueandyellow Says:


She did not choose this name because it is genderless. She chose it because it is distinctly female, and when you start calling a traditionally female name unisex after it is used by a transwoman, it is a form of invalidation.

emilygc3 Says:


Why does the description identify Caitlyn Jenner's pronoun as "his"? SHE is Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce.

indiefendi2 Says:


Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn strengthens my love for Brooklyn on the boy side! Lyn names should be genderless :)

(though I know Caitlyn is a spelling variation of Catherine essentially)

That Creepy Stalker Named Tess Says:


This is the only spelling for this name that I actually like.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I dont love Cait or Lyn!