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Gender: Female Meaning of Britannia: "Britain" Origin of Britannia: Latin

The name Britannia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "Britain". Britannia and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop Your Least Favorite- Girls' Alphabet!".

From the experts:

Hail Britannia? We think not.

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Famous People Named Britannia

(Britannia) Idalia Gumbs, Anguillan politician

Pop Culture References for the name Britannia

Britannia aka Sage, character in Marvel Comics

Britania, Britanja, Brittanya, Brittannia, Brittanja, Britanya


pam Says:


I hardly think Britannia is "attacked" OR that Ireland gets rave reviews. And I don't know what bandwagon we're jumping on. But 272 baby girls were named Ireland in the US last year versus zero for Britannia, so Ireland deserves a bit more commentary as a name choice. As always, we encourage you to share your opinions on names, which is why we offer this free and open forum. But we don't like it when you criticize our opinions or anybody else's.

lirio Says:


Because Ireland was made trendy by a celebrity, so NB has to jump on the bandwagon, despite the fact that it's ridiculous to name your child after someone else's country, as if the meaning attached to the name by millions of people is less important than the fact the parents decided it was cute. It's so patronising. At least Britannia is a person in the first place, even if she is the personification of a country.

indiefendi2 Says:


So Ireland gets rave reviews but Britannia (which I think is cute) is attacked.

autumnreverie Says:


This is a refreshing alternative to Brittany.

thorn144 Says:


I think this name is fine, why is the name info so negative?