Annunciata Origin and Meaning

The name Annunciata is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "annunciation".

A religious name, referring to the announcement by the Virgin Mary that she was with child.

Famous People Named Annunciata

  • Annunciata Astoria CocchettiItalian beatified professed religious
  • Maria Annunciata (born Maria Annunziata Isabella Filomena Sabasia)Princess of Bourbon,Two Sicilies, mother of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Maria Annunziata Adelheid Theresia Michaela Karoline Luise Pia IgnatiaArchduchess of Austria

Annunciata in Pop Culture

  • 'But then I got led astrayand went and did that awful thing to poor Annunciata. I think I must have been mad,' said Mrs Denham. 'And then they went and called her Nancy at school.' [Margaret Drabble, 'Jerusalem the Golden,' 1967]