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Gender: M Origin of Bandit: Word or occupational name

We hesitate to call Bandit an occupational name, any more than Rogue or Vandal are occupational names, yet its use by one of the bandmembers of My Chemical Romance (for his daughter: we're not even going to go there) undoubtedly owes a debt to occupational cousins from Pilot to Parker. Recommended for use by rock stars with full-time nannies only.

Famous People Named Bandit

Bandit Lee Way, daughter of Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Lindsey Way of Mindless Self Indulgence

Pop Culture References for the name Bandit

Bandit, dog in animated series "Jonny Quest"
Bandit, armadillo from game "Spyro the Dragon"
Bandit Steve Keith, character in anime "Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Clean Bandit, British techno band
Bandit, Laura Ingall's dog on TV show "Little House on the Prairie"
'BOEF', Dutch rapper (translated: Bandit)
Bandit, one of Angela Martin-Schrute's many, many cats