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Gender: M Meaning of Ashley: "dweller near the ash tree meadow" Origin of Ashley: English

Even if it started as a strictly male name, when a name has been on the girls' most-popular list for decades, it becomes somewhat more difficult for a boy to carry, despite the lingering memory of the sensitive Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind. Some alternatives are Ash, Asher and Ashton.

Famous People Named Ashley

Ashley "Ash" Baron-Cohen, English filmmaker
Ashley Bascom Wright, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
Ashley Abrocket Purdy, bassist for American rock band Black Veil Brides
Ashley Cole, English footballer
Ashley Simon Young, English footballer
Ashley George Hamilton, American actor
Ashley Parker Angel, American singer of boy band O-Town
Ashley Peter Fox, British MEP
Ashley Mote, British MEP
Ashley Taylor Dawson, actor
Ashley Walters aka Asher D, American rapper and actor
Ashley Charles aka Sabrepulse, English chiptune musician
Ashley Zukerman, American actor
Ashley "Ash" Stymest, English male model
Ashley Derek Vincent, English footballer
Ashley Springer, American actor
Ashley Banjo, English dancer and choreographer in dance group Diversity

Pop Culture References for the name Ashley

Ashley Wilkes, character in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind"
Ashley James "Ash" Williams, main character in the "Evil Dead" film series
Ashley Linden, character on TV's "Castle"
Ashley "Ash" Neil Horne, member of The Midnight Beast

Asheley, Ashelie, Ash