Gender: Male Pronunciation: AHR-ee-un or AIR-ee-un Meaning of Aryan: "warrior, honorable" Origin of Aryan: Indo-Iranian Aryan's Popularity in 2019: #715

Aryan Origin and Meaning

The name Aryan is a boy's name of Iranian origin meaning "warrior, honorable".

Aryan derives from the Sanskrit word ārya, meaning “honorable” or “high-born.” As a term, Aryan was used to describe Indo-Europeans—particularly Iranians—who shared common religious, cultural, and linguistic history. It was later misapplied by the Nazis to refer solely to Germanic and Nordic Caucasians, ultimately corrupting the term.

Aryan is a very popular Iranian name which has been on the U. S. Top 1000 charts for a number of years. However, given its white supremacist connotations, we suggest you try the Arian spelling.

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Rank in US: #715

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Arian, Arya


Tiger15 Says:


I'm surprised at how trendy this is! The sound seems nice and flowy but I can't get away from the association.

AudreyAida Says:


This is a popular name in Iran, and the parents have no connection to Neo-Nazis. I think it's perfectly acceptable there, but not in the UK (or the rest of Europe and America). What the Nazis did was absolutely horrible and I can't believe this name is popular, yet this is no reason to assume everyone with this name/likes this name is a Nazi. I would personally never name my own child this many negative associations.

Aryan Ahmed Says:


Yeah my name's Aryan. Do I get bullied in school? No.
Do people care my name was related to WW2? No.
I see why you guys have a problem but like sheesh have respect for the people who are actually called 'Aryan' out there. Don't associate them straight with hitler.

al_exander Says:


uhhh actually the father has just as much of a say as you do. it's his child too. and frankly the child is the one getting the name, so be less careless about what they'll have to deal with their entire life.

LilyWinslow Says:



GenEric Says:



Renee5322 Says:


Only acceptable if you're of Indo-Iranian descent - otherwise, it's a big NO!

Sophiesimmons Says:


Uhhhhhh just no. And the 'Arian' spelling which the description suggests is no better, really.

sugarshield Says:


Nor should we!

sugarshield Says:


Given the associations with this name, this is a disgusting way to look at it. "I can name it whatever I want" - put some thought into it ffs, your child is not a toy I really hope you went with something else for that poor kid.

sugarshield Says:


It genuinely horrifies me how high up on the boys' lists this one is on here. It's like sending your kid to school with a sign around his neck that says 'my parents are Nazis'. Please don't use this name, I'm begging you. I know it might sound nice but it CAN'T be divorced from its history. Especially with the recent rise in white supremecist and antisemites...
Just don't condemn your child to those negative assumptions about themselves AND you. That's cruel.

CocoaPuff Says:


Solid no from me.

mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


I think unless you're actually Iranian, this should probably be a name that you avoid. Unless you want people thinking you're a white supremacist.

denmama9 Says:


Her husband's sibling would be her BIL/SIL. That person's spouse is also BIL/SIL to her.

Parsamehr Says:


ARYAN is a very popular persian name and the word 'Iran 'literally translates to "land of the Aryans.". Also Aryan is a boy's name and very very popular name in U.S. and other countries and Aryan means Nobel.

Parsamehr Says:


Aryan has nice sound, nice spelling, excellent history of Iran and Aryan means Nobel.👍

Parsamehr Says:


Aryan is an Iranian name, I love Aryan name

Hamid2017 Says:


Aryan name has a nice sound, nice spelling, horrible history of Iranian.

Hamid2017 Says:


Aryan is boy's name and exactly an Iranian name that means Nobel.

nora.rosenberg Says:


However there are some people who come from a country where Aryan is a normal name widely used. We should not judge without knowing the background of a person bearing that name. Some names from our cultures may sound ridiculous in their languages or have unfortunate connections as well

EpicCadet182 Says:


Ehhhh you might want to use another name. There's millions of them out there, plenty without connections to Nazism and hatred.

ambercat Says:


I know this is terrible, but I'm curious about how this would discreetly broached to little Arianna's parents? Asking someone directly might not be very well received.

K_at Says:


This is my un-asked-for opinion. I am part Jewish and part Iranian. I see no problem with this name AT ALL. My grandmother literally had to flee Germany bc of the Nazis and i see no problem with this name. If you're not going to talk to the Iranian people in your community who DARE to name their child a significant name from their culture, then you are the bigot. Also newsflash, Iranians can look wildly different from each other. My brother is blonde haired blue eyed and I am the legit opposite coloring. Someone's looks don't determine if they can use a name either. He is every bit as Iranian as I am and has every right to use it, regardless of his skin or hair color! If you're uncomfortable with someone using a name with a rich meaning from a culture that you don't understand then that's your problem. Maybe instead of judging Iranians or people who appreciate Iranian/Persian culture you should educate yourself and take the time to learn about it. Like I understand why this name upsets people. Hitler effected my family personally. Honestly I wouldn't use this name bc its nms, but I just don't want people to be judged for honoring their culture.

artshark Says:


A little boy on my street has this name. His parents are foreign (father is from Peru, not entirely sure where mom is from, it's possible she's Iranian), so I assumed they didn't really understand the connotations of the name in the US. They're a perfectly nice family, but I had to ask them to pronounce his name like 5 times to be sure what they said and now I just avoid saying it because I feel so awkward. Use it if you really want to, but be warned people will feel awkward about it if you live in the US! Especially with the recent political landscape. I'd rather slam my hand in a door than tell another mom my kid's name is Aryan.

Margot23 Says:


If her parents aren't neo nazis, sure

Leonina Says:


Yes. I know that you're not German.
In Iran? The name is probably perfectly acceptable. In many other countries? People won't just get over what the Nazis did...

Farzi Kai Says:


Again...its a very popular persian popular as John or mike is in the u.s. we dont associate with Germans or Nazis. Today if you go to Iran 1/4 of the boys are named Aryan. What happened outside of iran at the hands of Nazis is really irrelevant to us. We're not Germans, we're not Nazis. Read my comments until they start to make sense to you.

Leonina Says:


Many things didn't have any negative association before the Nazis.

That "foolish Nazi stuff" stuff wasn't that long ago. And people rightfully remember it. Especially those that actually had family members that suffered because of this.

You have the right to use that name.
We will remember what those bastards - seeing themselves as inherently superior "Aryans" - did. And I won't keep this "negative crap" to myself. Because remembrance is important. And because this is our right.

And if you can't understand that? "read some books."

Leonina Says:


I think an olive person might just get away with this one. Not saying some people won't have a bad association with the name. But a white person might have a harder time. I'm white and the thought of yelling this name at the park? No way.

ambercat Says:


Would you let your kid go over to Arianna's house to play?

SloaneSquare Says:


This is just too loaded a word to be a name.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Aryan is in the top 200 here in the UK, so apparently the Nazi-connotation is either relatively unknown, or not cared about enough to impact its popularity. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of glad. Some people believe that once a name is associated with something bad from the past, then the people from the present can never use it again. I disagree with that mentality. Times change. And what power can negative association have over a name, if people either refuse to acknowledge it, or view it as inconsequential? Clearly I'm a minority in terms of this opinion. Still, I like the name, and I'm happy to see it being used.

heathergrey Says:


I'm imagining one of them is the user's SO's sibling, and the other is that sibling's partner.

FionaW Says:



Margot23 Says:


If you name your kid this, my kid can't come over to your house to play

Aryan Jaipaul Says:



Aryan Jaipaul Says:


It's also Sanskrit for Nobel

Athenas_Owl Says:


Wait how did your brother-in-law and your sister-in-law have a baby??

roseofjune Says:



abertawe Says:


Adolph was a perfectly legitimate name too. However, as time passes, events unfold and some words and names gain negative connotations. Therefore people who are not Iranian may have legitimate concerns about this name and are sharing their opinions on this site.
Your opinions are welcome too and the information is appreciated, but the suggestion that everyone who has negative thoughts towards this name must be ignorant and not well read is unnecessary.

Farzi Kai Says:


Excuse me...i am persian...we are actual original Aryans (use google) and this name is a persian has always been since before this foolish Nazi stuff. We have the right to use this name. So get educated and keep your negative crap to yourself. The word 'Iran 'literally translates to "land of the Aryans." So, some books.

Chae-Eun Says:


I know a Reina that knows an Aryan... it's a girl, though. I've thought it a girl name before, too.

josey223 Says:


how are so many people using this name

thesaltypeach Says:


Agreed! Aryan is an abomination.

Wittyusername103 Says:


Use this name if you want but you will look like a jerk.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I'm sorry but Aryan is a cute name. I had no idea what you guys in the comments were on about until I searched it up :/. But seriously I don't even think that it is that much of a problem- well, unless your kid is blonde and has blue eyes- RIP.

autumnreverie Says:


This is actually in the top 1000? 😒

EthelBeavers Says:


In my mind, it will always be linked with Nazism and genocide. Not cool.

autumnreverie Says:



autumnreverie Says:


Even with a different spelling it's still pronounced the same. More people are going to hear the name than see it.

Jazmin Hunt (Jaz) Says:


I can't wrap my mind around anyone even remotely liking this name. I know everyone is entitled to like any name they come across but really? I try my best to not pair names with their common associations but Aryan is just too much tied to white supremacy and fascism. To me, it's the equivalent of naming your child Hitler. This is just how I feel.

tfzolghadr Says:


My BIL and SIL just named their son Aryan. Among Persians, it's pronounced like if you say the names of the letters R-E-N in a row. So, like Aryan with a British accent, perhaps? Although I'd never judge someone from using a name from their culture, this isn't one that translates into the West very well... and I do have to admit that seeing an olive baby with the name seems very ironic.

shaspiel85 Says:


i think the name sounds awesome and its meaning is great just hate how people are to judge so quick if u name ur kid that i wanna name my kid that but i dont want him to get fuked with by the other kids not white kids in school because they will assume he is a racist

cheryl Says:


I want to be my baby boy it due in 3 1/2 months Andy daddy has a problem with it and so do a lot of other people I told them that it's my baby I can name it what ever I want

jordalini Says:


Nice sound, nice spelling, horrible history.

lesliemarion Says:


It's fine in Indo-Iranian countries, but SO NOT in Europe or the US! Let's don't have historical amnesia!

Guest Says:


Ariane would be better because you know it's less NAZI!!! For crap's sake 😒

summerrae Says:


I love the sound of Aryan, but maybe more for a girl name because I associate it with names like Arianna. Shame that it has a negative connotation ):

alwiggins2 Says:


My name is Aryan and I am a female. More often than anything people complement me on how pretty and unique they think my name is, as opposed to associating it with negative things. I won't say I haven't heard many jokes throughout my life, as I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but my name has never been a problem.