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Gender: F Origin of Artemisia: Variation of Artemis, Greek mythology name

You might think Artemisia is the feminine form of the name, but in fact the original Artemis is feminine too, the name of the Greek mythological goddess of the moon. Artemisia Gentileschi was an esteemed Italian Baroque painter, unusual in an era when not many women were acknowledged. Artemisia is also a genus of plants which include sagebrush and tarragon.

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Famous People Named Artemisia

Artemisia I of Caria, queen of Halicarnassus under the First Persian Empire, naval commander and adviser to Xerxes I of Persia
Artemisia II of Caria, queen of Caria under the First Persian Empire; sister and wife of King Mausolos; ordered the construction of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in her husband/brother's memory
Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian Baroque painter

Pop Culture References for the name Artemisia

Artemisia, character in "The Cry" by Jane Collier & Sarah Fielding
Artemisia oth Hinriad, character in "The Stars, Like Dust" by Isaac Asimov
"The Passion of Artemisia", novel by Susan Vreeland
"L'Artemisia", opera composed by Francesco Cavalli
"Artemisia" (1634), painting by Rembrandt
Artemisia, capital city of Luna, the moon colony from Marissa Meyer's 'Lunar Chronicles'
artemisia, a genus of plants that include wormwood and sagebrush