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Gender: M Origin of Arnau: Catalan variation of Arnold

A name sometimes used by Latino parents, perhaps relating to the popular Spanish TV mini-series of that name.

Famous People Named Arnau

Arnau Brugués-Davi, Spanish tennis player
Arnau Amalric, Cistercian church leader who took a prominent role in the Albigensian Crusade
Arnau Bassa, Catalan painter of the 14th century
Arnau Cadell, Catalan sculptor
Arnau de Gurb, 13th century bishop of Barcelona
Arnau Mir, Count of Pallars Jussà
Arnau Ramon, Count of Pallars Jussà
Arnau March, Provenço-Catalan knight and poet of the famous March family
Arnau de Palomar, first lord of Riudoms in Southern Catalonia near the current city of Reus
Arnau of Peralta, Bishop of Valencia then Bishop of Zaragoza
Arnau Riera, Spanish footballer
Arnau Mir de Tost, Catalan nobleman of Urgell, the lord of Llordà and viscount of Àger
Arnau de Vilanova, Spanish alchemist, astrologer and physician

Pop Culture References for the name Arnau