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Gender: Female Origin of Araminta: Invented hybrid name from Arabella and Aminta Meaning of Aminta: Greek, "defender"

The name Araminta is a girl's name of English origin. Araminta and is often added to lists like Badass Princess Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Araminta is an enchanting eighteenth-century invention familiar in Britain and just beginning to be discovered here. It was used in 1693 by William Congreve in his comedy The Old Bachelor, and in 1705 by the versatile Sir John Vanbrugh, architect of Blenheim Palace as well as a playwright, for his comedy The Confederacy.

In the Enid Bagnold novel National Velvet, Araminta is the name of the central character's mother.

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Famous People Named Araminta

Araminta Harriet Ross, birth name of Harriet Tubman, American abolitionist
Araminta Star Matthews, American writer
Araminta de Clermont, British photographer
Araminta Estelle "Minta" Durfee, American silent film actress
Aramenta Dianthe Vail, American painter
Araminta Clementine Megan Spencer-Churchill (b. 2007), daughter of the 11th Duke of Marlborough

Pop Culture References for the name Araminta

Araminta Spook, series of chapter books by Angie Sage
Araminta Melliflua, character mentioned in Harry Potter
Araminta "Minty" Cane, time traveler who appears as a "ghost" to a boy in the 18th century in Helen Cresswell's children's novel "Moondial"
Araminta Brown, Velvet's mother, a former channel swimmer, in National Velvet (1935) by Enid Bagnold
Araminta Dench, character in play The Farmer's Wife (1916)
Araminta Moneytrap, wife to the rich usurer Moneytrap, very intimate with Clarissa Gripe, in Vanbrugh's play The Confederacy (1705)
Araminta, character in William Congreve's 1793 comedy The Old Bachelor
Araminta Lee, character in the 'Crazy Rich Asians' trilogy by Kevin Kwan
Aramantha, title character in a 1649 pastoral by Richard Lovelace
Matilda Angelina Araminta Phelps, Tom Sawyer's baby cousin in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
"Araminta Station," novel by Jack Vance

Minta, Minty, Arameta, Areminta, Aramintha


Lizzy Lou Says:


Why does it matter that it has the word "Arab" hidden in it? JFC.

kpearl8 Says:


And what's wrong with Pomeranians? Lol :)

clairels Says:


Minty sounds like the name of a Pomeranian.

clairels Says:



meggyweg Says:


Araminta Harriet Ross was Harriet Tubman's slave name.

clairels Says:


Totally agree. Feels like it was practically invented for a Harry Potter character.

Haids1987 Says:


My new favorite girls name. I love that it's so unique and different. I feel like it stands on its own so well that giving a nickname to this lovely moniker would do it injustice! :)

telemachamy Says:


I like this name. Also, Araminta was Harriet Tubman's name at birth. So, it's a great name if you want to subtly honour an amazing woman.

ambercat Says:


I'm sure this girl has very fresh breath.

RoddyThlayli Says:


This is one of those names that I really, really want to like but just don't.

headintheclouds Says:


Elaborate fussy Victorian-ish names like these usually appeal to me, but Araminta is one that I dislike. I objectively like similar-sounding Arabella, but it doesn't appeal to me. Araminta, on the other hand, looks spidery and stick-thin IMO, and only brings to mind those pinched and mean lady characters you find in books and movies- I've always thought that Petunia Dursley in Harry Potter could've also been aptly named as Araminta. Plus the nickname Minta/Minty makes me shudder- you mean she's minty like toothpaste??

_NorthStar_ Says:


I realize this is meant to be insulting... But I love that description!! ^_^ I think this name is beautifully elegant.

csd267 Says:


My favorite over-the-top baby name!

ThistleThorn Says:


Can't get over the "mint" part.

Guest Says:


This name is lovely and refreshing. 😍

Alicia1 Says:


This is a very pretty name similar to Arabella without the word Arab in it. Mina or MInty Are cute nicknames!

songbirdkaryn Says:


The idea of naming a child after Harriet Tubman is actually really cool to me. Araminta is a pretty name.

raevynstar Says:


I absolutely love this name!!! It's beautiful--and the mint syllable doesn't bother me.

clairels Says:


Fussy, froufrou wannabe-English-aristocrat name. Someone in a cameo brooch, sitting in a dark, dusty parlor offering a bowl of stale ribbon candy to her antsy nephew in a sailor suit.

Goodkarmavt Says:


I keep coming back to this name. I feel like it's maybe too much though. So pretty and flowing though!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I like this name in itself. I don't understamd why people like names just for the nicknames. It irks me so much when people say I love this me, it has so many cute nicknames! UGH! Araminta is a cool name.

unicornluvgirl Says:


This name is so pretty! I love the nickname Minty. It's pretty and sounds slightly exotic and fresh.

mabespark Says:


I adore this name. The nickname possibilities are all very sweet - Midge, Minta, Minty, etc., and it's rare and pleasantly old-fashioned without being unpronounceable or clunky.

lesliemarion Says:


Like Arabella, but less often heard and fresher. Aminta, Minta, and Minty make lovely nicknames.