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Gender: Female Pronunciation: an-THEE-ah Meaning of Anthea: "flowery" Origin of Anthea: Greek

The name Anthea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "flowery". Anthea and is often added to lists like Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "This or That?------------girls!".

From the experts:

This unjustly neglected floral name has a BBC accent and a Greek mythological heritage: Anthea is an epithet of Hera, the Greek queen of the gods, and her name has been used as poetic symbol of spring.

Anthea Disney is a high-powered business executive and distant relative of Walt.

So if you want to go even beyond Azalea and Anemone, you might consider Anthea.

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Famous People Named Anthea

Anthea Anka, American screenwriter and singer; daughter of singer Paul Anka
Anthea Shirley Askey, English actress
Anthea Crawford, Australian fashion designer
Anthea Bernice Redfern, English television presenter
Anthea Millicent Turner, English television presenter
Anthea Bell, English literary translator
Anthea Elizabeth Joy McIntyre, English MEP
Anthea Dorine Stewart, Zimbabwean Olympic field hockey player
Anthea Sylbert, American costume designer
Anthea Benton, British TV and music video director

Pop Culture References for the name Anthea

Anthea, Greek goddess of flowers, flowery wreaths and marshes; attendant of Aphrodite
Anthea "Anthy," character in anime Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthea Stonem, mother of Tony and Effy on the British TV series "Skins"
Anthea, alias of a character on TV's "Sherlock"
"To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything," poem by Robert Herrick
Anthea, minor character in video game Pokemon Black & White
Anthea, character in classic novel Five Children and It
Anthea, Emma's aunt in H2O: Just Add Water

Antheemia, Anthemya, Antha, Anthemia, Annthea, Antheia, Thia, Anthia, Antheya, Anthe, Anthymia, Antia


mamanmia Says:


Anthea and Jane are the two sisters in Five Children and It by E.B. Nesbitt

Hailey Says:


I love Althea, but this variation is just too different for me. It reminds me of "anthem."

Impwood Says:


I love this name!

HeyItsAvery12 Says:


I still prefer Althea over Anthea.

fablueous Says:


BBC's Sherlock is why I searched for this name. I absolutely loved it as soon as Mycroft's assistant said it in ASIP. Anthea Jane is beautiful.

Saffron_Rice Says:


In England it isn't pronounced with a long stressed second syllable - all the syllables are the same length, but there's a slight stress on the first. AN-the-uh
I love that name, pronounced like that, and would love to use it in a combo such as Anthea Jane or Anthea Felicity

ahoymccoy Says:


I've loved this name ever since I fell in love with Anthea Stonem on Skins UK. J'adore! Sounds like a feminine version of Anthony, but with a bit of a smirk.