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Gender: F

Famous People Named Amparo

María de los Desamparados "María Amparo" Muñoz y Borbón, 1st Countess of Vista Alegre, daughter of Queen María Christina of the Two Sicilies and Agustín Fernando Muñoz, Duke of Riánsares
Amparo Muñoz, Spanish beauty queen; Miss Universe 1974
(María) Amparo Rivelles, Spanish actress
(María) Amparo Noguera, Chilean actress
Amparo Iturbi, Spanish pianist
Amparo Llanos, Spanish singer of band Dover
Amparo Acker-Palmer, Spanish cell biologist
Amparo Rubiales, Spanish politician
Amparo Arrebato, Colombian dancer
Amparo Grisales, Colombian actress
Amparo Baró, Spanish actress
Amparo Poch y Gascón, Spanish anarchist and activist
Amparo Robles Custodio aka Chichay, Filipina actress and comedienne
Amparo Sánchez aka Amparanoia, Spanish singer-songwriter
(María) Amparo Ochoa, Mexican singer-songwriter
(María) Amparo Soler Leal, Spanish actress
Amparo Montes, Mexican singer
María Amparo Escandón, Mexican-American novelist
Kristin Viktoria Amparo (Sundberg), Swedish pop singer

Pop Culture References for the name Amparo

Amparo Lima do Vale, character on Brazilian telenovela "Marisol"
Amparo Jorgelina Soto, character on Spanish telenovela "Soy gitano"
Amparo Lagman, character in film "Once Upon a Time in Manila"
Amparo Montoya, character in Mexican-Colombian telenovela "Las Bandidas"
Amparo, Portuguese and Spanish word meaning refuge or shelter (and in a broader sense, protection)