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Gender: F Origin of Alivia: Variation of Olivia Alivia's Popularity in 2016: #220

While Alivia may not have achieved the megapopularity of its mother name, it's in the 200s, which means there are an awful lot of little girls with this same-but-different name. Alivia combines the trendiness of A names with the trendiness of Olivia to create a choice that's slightly off the beaten track -- slightly being the operative word here. Is the distinction the initial A earns you worth a lifetime of explaining, "No, it's Alivia, with an A, not Olivia"? Your call, though ours would be no.

Famous People Named Alivia

Alivia Sarkar, Indian actress
Holly Alivia Heap (b. 2013), late daughter of NFL player Todd Heap

Pop Culture References for the name Alivia

Alivia, character in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series
Alivia Wender, character in Malaysian manga "Maid Maiden"