Gender: Male Meaning of Albus: "white, bright." Origin of Albus: Latin

Albus Origin and Meaning

The name Albus is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "white, bright.".

The ancient name Albus has modern currency as the first name of the headmaster of Harry Potter's Hogwarts, more formally known as Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Can Albus work if you're missing the long white beard and the magic wand? Maybe, though it might be a heavy mantle for a Muggle child to wear.

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isolemnlysweariamuptodrarry Says:


This is my favourite male name, i think it is so pretty and nice, I love HP and that is partly why i love it so much

anazagarus Says:


My little two year old boy is named Albus. He has grown into the name very well. In general the people who would turn their nose up at the name also don't know the providence of the name, so very little harm. We paired it with the ultra-practical middle name Ray in case Albus just didn't work for him. Albus is also the Scottish Gaelic word for Scotland. Having a strong Scottish heritage that gave the name an extra bit of meaning, and a good way to explain the name. A few warnings. A lot of people hear "Elvis" instead of Albus. And those with Hispanic accents pronounce it Alvus.

CharacterNameExtraordinaire Says:


If you like the name enough to name your child it, then I don't think it really matters if it's the name of a character or not. There are plenty of fictional characters out there with names that are much more common for kids than Hermione and Albus, so how are those names any different? Hermione, Albus, and Severus are very nice names, and I don't see all of those Emily's and Christopher's out there complaining about their names even though there are most definitely books with characters that have the same names as them. If you like the name, go for it!

AlexxisLynn Says:


Hermione is a beautiful name, excuse you!

Zelliew Says:


Albus looks a bit strange to me

Hydra Says:


Um, no, Hermione and Albus aren't associated with just one thing. There is more than one saint named either, and a Shakespearean character is named Hermione. Neither Harry nor Potter are striking, and there are people other than the character named as such. And nobody is going to name their child SpongeBob or Satan; neither are even nice sounding, disregarding associations. Besides, where do SpongeBob and Satan even come in? Are you comparing a cartoon character and the ultimate evil with other characters just because you don't agree with naming children Albus? That seems pretty drastic to me.

summersnow Says:


How would you like to go around only being associated with one thing your entire life because your parents named you after a FICTIONAL character? If your last name was Potter, would you like being named Harry? If your parents just LOVED the name Spongebob would you be okay with calling yourself that? How about if your mom decided she wanted to call you Satan? I understand that Albus, Hermione, and such ARE names, but they're associated with literally one thing, the kid is never gonna shake that, and it would be extremely annoying.

Hydra Says:


I don't think you fully understand the concept of a "name", summersnow.

HaileyZann Says:


You do know these were names first before they were just "character names", right? Maybe the parents just generally like the name, who are you to tell them not to use it?

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I don't really see why naming your children after characters is such a big deal. And I don't think it'd be a big deal for the children either. Hermione was intelligent, Albus was wise and Severus was a moral character. Nothing wrong with that.

summersnow Says:


I don't car how much you like Harry Potter. Don't do this to your kid. Don't name your kid Hermione, don't name your kid Severus, don't name your kid Albus. Your child is a person! They deserve not to be associated with a character their entire life.

Waverly123 Says:


I'm actually super intrigued by Albus. I'm a huge HP fan! I wonder if this name is usable. I'd love to meet a little Albus, but I can't help but think he'd be associated with HP. But people name their kids Hermione, so what makes Albus so different? I think Hermione & Albus are equally linked to HP, and if Hermione is usable, why not Albus? If he hated the HP association, he could go by Al.

jordalini Says:


I kind of like this name, and i like the meaning. I am not a big HP fan, but I knew this was Dumbuldore (sp?)

lesliemarion Says:


I don't follow Harry Potter, and I do like Albion, but Albus sounds like a terrible disease or some goiter-like, pendulous mass.