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Gender: Female

The name Alara is a girl's name . Alara and is often added to user-created lists like Softer Sounding Names.

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Famous People Named Alara

Alara Ceri, actress
Alara Ertuk, actress
Alara of Nubia, a king of Kush
Alara Kalama, hermit saint and teacher of yogic meditation

Pop Culture References for the name Alara

Alara, name of a water fairy in Turkish mythology who appears as a beautiful girl with butterfly-like wings that are made of light but sprinkle water as her wings flutter. She must abide near water to maintain her youth and beauty. She has the power to remove hate and greed from peoples' hearts thus making them capabale of love. Those who seek Alara's help must travel to a lake where she was last seen and tie a colorful ribbon on the branch of a blooming lakeside tree. If the ribbon was cut from a handkerchief last used to wipe off the tears of a heartbroken person, the wish becomes more likely to come true. Wishes must be made under a cloudless night sky shortly before dawn.

Shards of Alara and Alara Reborn are an expert-level expansion block of Magic: The Gathering

Alara Kitan, Xelayan Chief of Security on FOX's The Orville

ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) is a safety principle designed to minimize radiation doses and releases of radioactive materials.