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Gender: F

A bright-sounding name with multicultural appeal, used regularly as a first name in Japan, Scandinavia, Latvia and Spain.

Famous People Named Aina

Aina Bartmann, leader of Farmer's Market in Norway; Socialist
Aina Berg (1902-1992), Swedish free-style swimmer (1920 Olympics)
Aina Erlander (1902-1990), Swedish lecturer & wife of Prime Minister
Aina Hashimoto, Japanese singer, girl-band member & voice actress
Aina Muceniece (1924-2010), Latvian scientist & medicine developer
Aina Onabolu (1882-'63), male Nigerian modern-arts teacher & painter
Aina Owoniyi, male administrator of Taraba State, Nigeria (1998-1999)
Jackie Aina, popular Youtuber, professional make-up artist and brand ambassador

Pop Culture References for the name Aina

Aina, progressive metal supergroup active from 2003-2004
Aina, AKA "The Mirror," 1977 Pakistani musical film
Aina Haina, Hawaii, a residential neighborhood
Aina Mahal, 18th-century Indian palace
Aina Station, railway station in Japan
Aina Sahalin (I-na) - a main character in the anima Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team