Names that Peaked in 1970

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Top Names that Peaked in 1970

  • Brian

    The origins of the name Brian are not entirely clear, but it is suspected that it evolved from an Old Celtic word related to nobility. In Ireland the name is associated with Brian Boru, the most... Read More 

  • Bradley

    An English surname name, Bradley has a long history, dating way back to at least 1086, but as a first name it actually succeeded in the US before it reached England--though Dickens used it in his... Read More 

  • Lance

    Though the full name Lancelot has for the most part been shunned as a 'too-much-name' name, the short form Lance has been consistently in or around the Top 500 since 1938, climbing as high as... Read More 

  • Lea

    More attractive than Lee, less meaningful than Leah. While traditionally pronounced as a homonym for Lee, Glee actress Lea Michele pronounces her name like Leah. Regardless of your... Read More 

  • Raquel

    Attractive name popular in the Latino community, long identified with half-Bolivian actress Raquel Welch.Read More 

  • Marc

    Designer (as in Marc Jacobs) form of Mark. An international classic, but long falling in popularity as a boys' name. Read More 

See Unique Names that Peaked in 1970