Two Syllable Names for Girls

  1. MariceHeart
    • MarieneHeart
      • MariesHeart
        • MarlahHeart
          • MarlenHeart
            • MartiHeart
              • MaxeenHeart
                • MaysynHeart
                  • MeaghanHeart
                    • MegynHeart
                      • Origin:

                        Spelling variation of Megan
                      • Description:

                        Newswoman Megyn Kelly, who aroused the ire of Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential debates, put this spelling on the map. But this is not the newsiest spelling of a name that has many better variations.
                    • MelkaHeart
                      • MiryanHeart
                        • MyusyaHeart
                          • NadjahHeart
                            • NaideenHeart
                              • NatureHeart
                                • Origin:

                                  English word name
                                • Description:

                                  Lots of parents choose nature names, but only a few choose Nature as a name each year. It is equally used for boys and girls in the USA.
                              • NeecoHeart
                                • NeeshaHeart
                                  • Origin:

                                    Modern invented name
                                  • Description:

                                    Has a truncated nickname feel.
                                • NerisHeart
                                  • NetiHeart