Variation of Tanith, Phoenician, Native American, Cree

Tanis Origin and Meaning

The name Tanis is a girl's name meaning "daughter".

This obscure name found in Sinclair Lewis's 1923 novel Babbitt is a bit hipper than most other is-ending names like Janis and Doris. Some sources consider it a variation of Tanith, who is a Phoenician moon goddess and fertility figure, while others say it is a North American indigenous name from the Cree culture, meaning daughter. It may in fact have two separate derivations and meanings, but in any case is a lovely and unusual name.

Tanis Popularity

Famous People Named Tanis

  • Tanis GrayAmerican knitwear designer
  • Tanis Eva Bulkeley GuinnessBritish heiress
  • Tanis Millerblogger

Tanis in Pop Culture

  • TanisGreek name for the Semitic goddess Tanith
  • Tanis Judiquecharacter in Sinclair Lewis's satirical novel 'Babbitt' (1922)
  • Tanisthe Sang,digger', an 1893 novel by Amelie Rives (Princess Troubetzkoy)
  • Tanis HalfElven, a main character in the 'Dragonlance' series by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman
  • Tanisadorable little mummy in the movie 'Scooby,Doo and the Ghoul School'
  • Tanispodcast named for the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis
  • Anagram of "Saint"
  • TanisCree name meaning "daughter"
  • Tanisa character in the Canadian television sitcom 'Letterkenny'