Meaning unknown
"innocent, honest"

Tamora Origin and Meaning

The name Tamora is a girl's name .

Attractive name associated both with a queenly character who meets a very grisly end in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus and popular teen fantasy novelist Tamora Pierce. Shakespearean puns in the name include amor for love and moor as the character was in love with a Moor, though any parent interested in the name should be aware of its tragic association.

Famous People Named Tamora

  • Tamora PierceAmerican fantasy novelist

Tamora in Pop Culture

  • Tamora Jean Calhoun aka Sgt. Calhouncharacter in Disney's 'Wreck,It Ralph'
  • Tamora Mitchellthe name of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell daughter in 'Charmed'