"little girl"

Talitha Origin and Meaning

The name Talitha is a girl's name of Arabic, Aramaic origin meaning "little girl".

Talitha appears in the Bible as words Jesus says to awaken a young girl whose parents feared she was dead. It has been used in the US since colonial times. Talitha is also the name of two stars in Ursa Major, where it's related to the Arabic word for "third." Talitha definitely makes a fresh spin on Tabitha or Talisa.

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Famous People Named Talitha

  • Talitha Polsixties "It,Girl", actress, and wife of John Paul Getty, Jr.

Talitha in Pop Culture

  • Talithaone of Sophia's maids in the book "Strands of Bronze and Gold"
  • Talitha "Tally" Hamiltonmain character in Eva Ibbotson's "The Dragonfly Pool"