Italian and Spanish variation of Celeste

Celestina Origin and Meaning

The name Celestina is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "heavenly".

We are hearing more of such heavenly names as Celeste and Celia, which opens the door to the range of lovely variations rarely heard before. Celestina is one of them, though given the more accessible options, it may be gilding the lily.

Celestina Popularity

Famous People Named Celestina

  • Celestina BoninsegnaItalian operatic soprano
  • Celestina CorderoPuerto Rican educator
  • Celestina Bottegovenerable Italian nun
  • Celestina DiasSri Lankan educator
  • Celestina AladekobaNIgerian,American singer, dancer and actress
  • Celestina PopaRomanian gymnast
  • Celestina OnyekaNigerian footballer

Celestina in Pop Culture

  • "Celestina" novel by Charlotte Turner Smith and its main character
  • Celestina Warbeckfictional singer in the Harry Potter series

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