"God makes happy"

Mehetabel Origin and Meaning

The name Mehetabel is a girl's name meaning "God makes happy".

A name mentioned in the Old Testament as the wife of a king of Edom. A curious blend of clunky biblical style, and a "bel" ending that mirrors the feminine sound of names like Isabel and Annabel. Hettie and Belle / Bella are nickname possibilities.

Famous People Named Mehetabel

  • Mehetabeldaughter of Matred, wife of King Hadad of Edom (1 Chr. 1:50)
  • Mehetabel "Hetty" Wesley WrightEnglish poet of the religious Wesley family
  • Mehetabel NewmanNew Zealand missionary and educator

Mehetabel in Pop Culture

  • Hebrew name; translations vary between "God is doing good" and "God makes happy" (see Mehitabel)