Mae-ell-uh or MY-ell-uh
Compound name, combining May, Mary, Margaret or Maya with Ella
"Maytime fairy; beloved fairy; pearl-like fairy; fairy mother"

Mayella Origin and Meaning

The name Mayella is a girl's name meaning "Maytime fairy; beloved fairy; pearl-like fairy; fairy mother".

A sunny sounding name, Mayella is a smoosh name with various meanings, depending on which etymological root you follow for May. The name is perhaps most associated with Mayella Ewell in Harper Lee's novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, a character whose loneliness and desperation spark the main plot of the book. This may well put parents off using the name and it is only ever given to a handful of girls every year.

An alternative origin for Mayella is via Majella, the surname of the 18th century Italian saint, Gerard Majella (or Gerardo Mailella), who became the patron saint of pregnancy and childbirth. Used occasionally in Ireland, it derives from the name of a mountain in Italy.

Famous People Named Mayella

  • Mayella MenaMiss El Salvador Universe 2009

Mayella in Pop Culture

  • Mayella Violet EwellBob Ewell's daughter in "To Kill a Mockingbird"