Invented name, combination of Lili and Guinevere
"lily + white shadow, white wave"

Lilivere Origin and Meaning

The name Lilivere is a girl's name meaning "lily + white shadow, white wave".

This romantic, ethereal name sounds straight out of Arthurian legend but is in fact a modern hybrid of Guinevere and Lili.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter Lilibet — her own name inspired by Queen Elizabeth's childhood nickname — has drawn attention to the vast collection of Lili/Lily compounds, Lilivere included. We know of a handful of children named Lilivere, but it has yet to make the five-baby threshold required to appear on the American charts.

Other possibilities with the -vere suffix include Elsivere or Isavere. If you're drawn to the "lili" component, you may also like Lilibeth, Lilybelle, or Tigerlily.

Lilivere Popularity