Diminutive of Elaine
"bright shining one"

Laney Origin and Meaning

The name Laney is a girl's name meaning "bright shining one".

A kind of old-fashioned nickname name that's enjoying some fresh life thanks to trendy brother Lane. Lainie is a more old-school spelling.

# 663 in the US

Laney Rank in US Top 1000

Laney Popularity

Famous People Named Laney

  • Laney DiggsAmerican figure skater
  • Laney JonesAmerican singer,songwriter

Laney in Pop Culture

  • Laney aka Lei Neacharacter in the Matched series
  • Laney Boggscharacter in film "She's All That"
  • Laney Penncharacter in animated series "Grojband"
  • Laney Ruckercharacter in "The Purge"
  • Laney CollegeOakland, California